DC Movies are actually pretty awesome!

Our minds have been tuned into the Marvel style of comic movies. It’s colorful cinematography & sharp witty scripting as well as action packed fighting scenes. However, don’t sleep on DC.

We all enjoyed the trilogy of Christian Bale as Batman, but don’t stop there. Henry Cavill is truly standing, or should I say flying high as the Man of Steel. And although we haven’t received a back story based on Ben Affleck as Batman (which we never will), he put on a show in BvsS! As far as Suicide Squad, it takes some getting used to but I’ve come to love it! NO MORE HATING JARED LETO!!! And hey, how cool is the Flash...I can’t wait for his solo.

All in all, DC sticks to the comic book universe style of movie making with bunches of one liners & artistic delivery visually. Also, the storyline & storytelling. My point is I’ve awoken to find that DC deserves respect & admiration despite my loyalty to Marvel & their own order of highs and lows as well in movie making.

All smiles welcome


I'm going to wait until the DC films get on Netflix to see them.

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